At the forefront of material science technology, we are committed to providing a consultative partnership directed at meeting your design objectives.  


Different design challenges require different material characteristics, which is why we customize our polymers to meet your specifications. 

Our consultative technical team comprised of material science engineers, technicians and application specialists stand ready to provide comprehensive, customer-focused expertise. Throughout the material selection process, we will collaborate with you to achieve key mechanical characteristics to optimize your end-product objectives.


With standard and custom polyurethane formulations available, we offer targeted polymer synthesis in order to enhance device design and functionality. 


From initial development collaboration to full scale commercial production, including mechanical and biological testing support and data preparation, we specialize in developing materials to meet the most challenging product performance criteria.



Our solution-based polymer technology affords the option of receiving our core engineering polymers in solution form - scientifically engineered to your specifications.  

This innovation provides characteristics critical to the final device such as improved biocompatibility and heightened lubricity for ease of insertion and drug delivery. ASB solution formulations range from hydrophilic coatings customized for varying absorption and expansion ranges, to surface modifying solutions. Each solution is tailored to optimize adhesion to the material substrate as well as, to meet thickness and/or alternate mechanical specifications. 


Utilizing our material expertise, we have engineered liquid based polymers under the tradename, ChronoFlex® AR/ AR-LT, as well as custom solution formulations for our polycarbonate and polyether based thermoplastic polyurethanes offered in a selection of solvent packages.


Occasionally, we are asked to provide these services for products outside our core materials. Therefore, we have further expanded our supporting technical services to include solution formulations for a variety of material substrates including other polyurethanes, PEBAX, silicone, and polycarbonate materials. If you are in need of this service, please contact your sales or customer service representative to discuss the details. 



In addition to customized solvent packages, our coating capabilities are designed to assist with your prototype development through multi-step dip/spray coating processes for small volumes. Our technical team will engineer a coatings solution that meets your design parameters and processing guidelines in addition to recommending optimal solvent and material selections. 

Applying our material science expertise, the coating application is tailored to meet the mechanical characteristics, including viscosity and lubricity, as well as specific design requirements such as coating thickness, absorption parameters and functional use adhesion.


Through collaborative efforts, our technical team will assist in creating an optimized coating focused on your development and product goals, thereby providing you with useable prototypes for evaluation and next-step integration.





Through tailored polymer synthesis, our materials can be supplemented with product enhancing characteristics including antimicrobial properties, varied-scale radiopacity, and a variety of colors to provide a unique device design. 

Antimicrobial Polymers

Our antimicrobial polymers utilize proprietary manufacturing techniques and processes to provide a fully homogeneous material, thus ensuring uniform dispersion of the antimicrobial agent throughout the finished polymer.  


Radiopaque Polymers
Varied-scale visibility can be achieved using fillers containing up to 40%, by weight, of a radiopaque agent. Radiopaque materials are available for all solid-based product formulations. 


Colorant Technologies

Colorant technologies, designed to enhance product differentiation, are available for most solid-based products.    



Additionally, our core polycarbonate and polyether based thermoplastic polyurethanes are offered in both pellet and solution form (Link to Custom Solutions) using a selection of customized solvent packages. 




We recognize material selection is just one step toward the commercialization of a medical device. In addition to offering a fully customized product portfolio, we have teamed up with a select number of OEM and manufacturing partners to augment our core material technologies.  

In collaborating with experts in contract manufacturing, we are able to supply comprehensive turn-key services to ensure your specifications are met throughout the entirety of the production process.  Whether you require specialty services such as extrusion, injection molding, or films and sheets manufacture, we will monitor your project from design initiation to commercialization. 





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