Our polymer-based solutions are tailored to customer’s specifications, ranging from highly lubricious coatings customized for varying absorption and expansion ranges, to surface modifying solutions.

We now offer leading edge technological services and proven material expertise with our solution-based polymer technology and in-house prototype coating capabilities. This innovation provides characteristics critical to the final device such as improved biocompatibility and heightened lubricity for ease of insertion and drug delivery. 

Working with our customers to support the product development and manufacturing cycles, ASB’s technical team provides comprehensive, customer focused expertise directed at meeting challenging design objectives and supporting product optimization.






Our solutions product portfolio includes engineered liquid based polymers under the tradename, ChronoFlex® AR/ AR-LT, lubricious coating technology under the trade name HydroMed, as well as custom solution formulations for our polycarbonate and polyether based thermoplastic urethanes using a selection of solvent packages.


We also offer a wide portfolio of polymer-based solutions engineered to customer’s specifications for most of our core materials. Materials range from highly lubricious coatings customized for varying absorption and expansion ranges, to surface modifying solutions. The solvent package is tailored to optimize use with the project’s material substrate as well as the solid percentages in order to meet thickness specifications. 


Products available in solution form include: ChronoFlex C, ChronoFlex AL, ChronoSil, ChronoThane P, ChronoThane T, and HydroThane.


In addition to its own product lines, we have further expanded our supporting technical services to include solution formulations for a variety of material substrates including other polyurethanes, PEBAX, silicone, and polycarbonate materials. 




ASB’s technical services include coating capabilities to assist with prototype development. ASB offers customized solvent packages to tailor material characteristics, resolve technical challenges, and provide concept iterations to support client objectives. ASB offers multi-step dip coating processes for small volumes with varied solution packages to help customers best establish optimal solvent and material selections. For more information please visit our Prototype Coatings Capabilities.







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